STI Solutions Our Passion - Your Business

Who we are?

STI with the mission to bring comprehensive and thorough technology solutions, is a place to gather individuals with the same passion for technology which helps bring value to customers as well as to the society.

We provide information technology platforms and solutions for both domestic and foreign markets to aim for internationalization in the near future.

 STI – Our passion, your business

Our services

Application Service

1. Web Applications, Network Base Applications Development

2. Full – lifecycle service

  • Business Analyst & Design
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Migration
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance & support
  • Documentation & Training
Cloud Professional Service

1. Cloudification, Satisfaction;

2. Cloud Product Development

3. Devops Service


1. Enterprise Mobilization

2. Consulting, development, testing..


1. Method to build Product Market Fit (For Startup Company, Min Cost – Max values)

2. UI/UX Design

3. Digital transformation

4.Strategy and Architecture

5. Business Transformation

Emerging Technology

1. Blockchain

2. AI, Chatbot

3. RPA Tool

Game Studio

1. 2D/3D Game Design

2. NFT Game

3. Build Game Product

Case study

Web Apps

Design applications for food supply, fintech or internal process management.

Mobile Apps

Bring applications for buying and selling Crypto currency, shopping online, applications to food delivery,...


Use Blockchain platform to generate smart contracts to create new coins; create secure transaction systems as well as secure data storage applications


Applying this new technology to create systems such as word recognition systems, camera image recognition systems or audio processing systems, ...


Design and build infra for systems that require high security on AWS, VNGCloud, Azure as well as support for system monitoring and operation

Game App

Design trending game to keep up with the technology, such as NFT Game



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